Applets and caching

Does anybody else have a problem with applets and caching?

I just submitted a new version of my 4K game. When I tested it in a couple of browsers, they both loaded the old version of the game.
After clearing my java and browser caches, the latest version was loaded.

This isn’t really a very good player experience imho: the player must either clear their java/browser cache(s), or risk playing old versions of our games!

Does anybody have a workaround for this issue (e.g. give the jar a different name each time it is uploaded)?

It’s not the cache I think, just sometimes takes a while to update the applet.

:clue: Then why would clearing the cache work.

It updated in the time it took to clear the cache! ;D
It’s just that when I screw up the class name of the applet (in the html) and reload the applet it immediately says class not found, updating the applet sometimes is instant, sometimes is delayed.

I had the same problem, I just wait and now all is Ok !