appel and/or jojoh: please read

I don’t care so much that you ripped “limited size, unlimited possibilities” or other game data straight from my site, but I’m not 100% fond of you hotlinking without permission or at least mentioning what site is hosting the old games :wink:

anyway, one of you needs to e-mail me about receiving the current archive of games, as well as a database dump, so I don’t have to worry about it anymore, thanks.



It’s been a tough weekend :slight_smile: I barely got the site up in time, and it’s still not ready. Sorry for the hot linking, I’m still working on moving all the data to the new site, so it’s a temporary thing. Do not worry, you will get all the mentioning and honors on the new site :slight_smile:

edit: ok, all sorted out on irc… thanks! :slight_smile: