today when I look outside everything was white. So I thought I have to change ApoImp4k and give the game a nice snowy, christmas outfit (,more tiles and more levels).

What is ApoImp4k?
In ApoImp4k you control two imps who love christmas and want to idle at the christmas tree. So please: Help them to reach the christmas tree.

Play the game with the keyboard AND the mouse.
Guide the imps with the cursor keys.
Change the current imp with the spacebar or the right mouse button.

Green present:
Click with the mouse on a green present to push or pull the present.
The red imp pull boxes, the other imp push boxes.

Red present:
A red present can’t be moved.

Blue present:
The blue present is a ladder. So you can reach higher places.

With a beamer you can change your position, click with the mouse on it.

Press ‘n’ to load the next level
Press ‘p’ to load the previous level
Press ‘r’ to restart the level

The gameplay is adapted by the great “About Love, Hate and the other ones” game.


The game has gone a long way from this to that and now I’m happy. =)

If there is no error or bug that is the final version. I hope you like it too.

If you like the 4k-game and want to make your own levels then try the editor.
After solving the level, you can upload it ingame and play other userlevels if you want.

Try it out.

The best levels I will implement in the 4k version.

Alright seriously?! A fourth 4K game this year?! Now you’re just showing off :stuck_out_tongue:

Great game as usual. Gave up instantly when I couldn’t solve >.>

At the moment I submitted 21 4k games. But I will not create a thread for every game. I won’t annoy you. =)

But is ApoImp4k too hard? You want more easy level?
Other suggestions how to make the game better?

If you want to make your own level then try the editor and upload it.

Thanks for your feedback. :wink:

:o … … still: :o


wow… :smiley:

Impressive…and that’s the record…but zeroones games were in 3D (2.5D) :wink:

Well, Apo did say he was going to beat the record and actually did it. Zeroone’s packing skills are still very impressive in my opinion, he managed to fit the entire Pitfall game in 4K with all the game play intact.

However, it is very difficult to make good puzzles for different games challenging over and over again, especially in 4K. I commend you for your work Apo, it truly is impressive.

From TVTropes: “Badass is an adjective used to describe a character who gets away with outright insane stunts that would be very hard to pull off, or would get the person trying it killed several times over.”

This guy is straight from your secret fantasies about karate-ninja Java developers.

My plan wasn’t to beat zeroone highscore. All I want to do to learn how to make some nice 4k games. =)

If you need help in some level(s)?
I made a walkthrough for ApoImp4k. (blue star = right mouseclick, red star = left mouseclick)


I hope you like it. =)


now I implemented 2 more levels and removed 2 big bugs with the ladder.
Now the game is 4092 bytes.
So if you can’t find any bug, it is the final for ApoImp4k.

But I will make more levels with the level editor. I updated the editor too. Now with a nice looking background etc

I think this is my favourite one of your 2013 games so far but I’m sure I haven’t played them all yet!

I like the christmas colour scheme and the puzzle mechanics.

Only a couple of ideas:

Playing the game using a laptop means right hand on touchpad and left hand on cursor keys, which is crossed over and awkward. WSAD would be easier in this case.

Also, when a new level starts, you have the cursor keys held down from the last level and so you keep moving. So I usually have to restart right away as I’ve put myself into a trap. A little 1 second delay would help.

Thanks for your ideas.

I added “wasd” to control the players and there is now a little 300 ms delay after finishing a level.

Play ApoImp4k on Java4k