Anyone want assistance

If anyone is working on a project, then I would be willing to help.

Sure, I’m looking for opinions on the way I have my game laid out. If you’re interested in looking at it briefly and telling me what your impressions are, message me on Discord at cygnus#8296.

The game is a 2d, top down tile based game where one builds factories to automate the production of war robots. So far, I have a well rounded and extremely functional GUI system, a few blocks such as furnaces, automated crafting blocks, item/fluid transport tubes/pipes and storage chests/tanks, and some other cool stuff. Codebase is around 8000 lines of Kotlin (a JVM based language, not hard to understand if you already know Java) and 600 lines of Java (the languages are completely interoperable, so I run Java and Kotlin in the same game) (this Java code is actually the AudioCue sound library made by @philfrei). Here are some demonstration images:
Main menu screen:

Random ingame scene:

Demo sprites:

The game images have been very simple and the game is 2D. Well i would love to play a demo version of it before passing any actual remarks about it.

LOL, just now noticed, that I posted this in the wrong thread. This was supposed to go to the “What I Drew Today” thread…
Sorry to OP ::slight_smile:

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