Announcing jMonkeyEngine version 1.0

Announcing jMonkeyEngine version 1.0

After more than four years of hard work and many point releases, the developers behind the jMonkeyEngine are proud to announce the release of version 1.0 of their Java game engine. The jMonkeyEngine is a high performance game library providing all the tools needed to build quality 3D games and applications in Java. Used by professional game companies such as NCsoft, Three Rings, Jadestone and others as well as government and hobbyist developers, the jMonkeyEngine has raised the bar for quality Java-based 3D entertainment.

Learn more about the jMonkeyEngine and get involved today at

On a personal note… just wanted to publicly thank the jME community and the developers of lwjgl for helping make this possible. Thank you!

Congrats guys!

Well done guys!

Maybe I’ll get to do a 3D game after all.

Cas :slight_smile:


Now, do I need to update the current version I have? I’ve got it built with Eclipse already, is there a way to do that?

great work guys, need a nice change log to go with release announcement :).

Most of the changes were in rc1… 1.0 final was more of a formality. :slight_smile:


Well done guys - a fabulous effort!

JME is the first game engine which was easy enough for me to understand it :slight_smile:

Great work, thanks a lot!