Annotated Code

So now that the competition has all but concluded, I have a suggestion: given the nature of Java4k code, it’s often not too easy to read, and given they’re small single-person projects, they tend to be light on comments. But it would be great to be able to learn from each other.

Would people be interested in reading/writing thoroughly annotated versions of their game code? If there’s some interest, I’ll start out and post an annotated version of the Parasite Escape code.

I wouldn’t mind taking a look at the code of some of the games if it was commented; sometimes it’s hard to make heads or tails of what’s going on in the code.

You should be able to work it out anyway (eventually) :wink:

Unfortunately, some of the code (like my shooter this year, and many of my previous years’ entries) uses custom tools to generate the source code (for embedding the encoded external data). This makes a real annotation more difficult in those situations.

Well, I’ll give it a try to gauge interest. Annotated code tomorrow or so. :slight_smile: