Animation in Java3D

I’ve been working in Java 3D for some time and the one thing I just can’t figure out is how to import a model’s animation information along with the model itself into the scene hierarchy so that the animation can be controlled and coded to only execute in response to certain events. I’ve heard about something called Blend2Java which apparently takes Blender files -animations and all- and turns them into XML files for Java to read and then import into the scene hierarchy. According to the few (possibly outdated) sources I read on the internet, it says that it brings the animations in as well, but that sounds too good to be true. If it is, then what would be my best option without resorting to using Unity?

I know this isn’t much help but from what I heard java 3d is old… really old… Most people recommend not using it anymore


Sorry to answer only now. Java3D was resurrected last year, the next stable release will be out in some months but it won’t get any new features and it’s still difficult to get some help. You can ask questions about Java3D on the official JogAmp Java3D forum. If I were you, I would rather convert the Blend files into Collada or another animation format and use an importer for Java3D.

wreed12345 is a bit right. Instead of talking about Unity, maybe you should look at other 3D engines written in Java, for example Ardor3D (small community, active, very reliable), JMonkeyEngine (very large community, very active), Xith3D (very close to Java3D, in maintenance mode but I’m not sure whether the project is still active), 3DzzD, …