[Android] Viking Dodge



Play as Gunnvor as you help him on his quest. Dodge rocks, fend off a fire breathing dragon and at all costs protect the poor sheep!
Be careful though, for some reason these sheep are fatter and heavier than usual, even poor Gunnvor struggles to lift them.
Don’t be scared to sacrifice a sheep in order to save your own life, just beware of the consequences…



Graphics <<<[/b]

Beautiful HD Sprites
Enjoy full HD Sprites drawn by our experienced artists,
don’t stare too long though, you might get crushed by a rock!

Fluid and Easy To Use UI
Experience a simplistic and easy to use UI, move seamlessly through
the menus while enjoying the eye catching animations.

Fully Animated Characters and Objects
Enjoy a full animated character in all his states,
watch the sheep bob up and down calmly as 1000KG rocks slam down next to it.

>>> Gameplay <<<

Run, dive and jump to stay alive
Use your arsenal of moves to dodge the dangers, I suggest jumping when there is NOT a rock above you.

Pickup sheep to gain a point boost
Double your score increment by picking up and carrying a sheep, he might be a little fat and heavy but he is nice a fluffy.
(Disclaimer : Fluffy sheep do not absorb the impact of rocks, it still very much hurts)

Throw the sheep when you are sick of it!
Sheep getting in the way? Or sick of him mocking you?
Throw him away, throwing him off screen awards you 5 points and keeps the Guardian Of The Sheep happy.

Fend off a fire breathing dragon
It is advised to not feed the dragon, can try if you want but he prefers to spit fireballs at your face.

Piss off the “Guardian Of The Sheep
Little is known about the Guardian Of The Sheep, legends state that he is 15 feet
tall and that he has over 30 pet sheep. Probably a loner.

Be the best
Show everyone just how much you love sheep, keep a track record of your personal scores
, upload them to a global leaderboard or share them with your friends.











Gibbo - Lead Programmer


Kevin - Character, Environment and Animations
Hiuru - UI
Ajremix - Website Banner Art, Concept Art and Design

Server Functionality

Lycrios - Server backend, integration


Scheduled Release Date

The game will be available on the play store on the 9th October 2014 10th October 2014
Stay tuned for updates!




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