Android app not running in Eclipse android emulator

Hi, I have installed the android SDK in eclipse, and followed this tutorial:
My emulator runs, and i unlock the phone, but the app doesn’t come up like it should. Can anyone help me?


For anyone this happens to:

go to your android SDK dir/platform tools, make a bat file with contents:

adb kill-server
adb start-server

WHILE the emulator is open, execute the bat file :smiley:

general advice when working with the emulator / plugged in phone

check log-cat (the debug output from the android toolset - its an eclipse view)
to see what the emulator complaints about, or if the apk tries to get installed at all.

logcat usually gives good hints about the problem when installing apps.

More general advice: Don’t use the emulator, use a real device.

Really, the emulator sucks especially when it comes to OpenGL.