Android and the market

Hyas all…

I am a Java architect and developer, certified, and I am studying Android with OpenGL ES by myself.

I have made a full game, posted it at Google Play, and the goal of this project was to learn and to practice, not to sell loads, once it is a Tetris…:

(I am NOT making advertising here, just giving a hint about the programming level I am currently at with Android and OpenGL ES)

Well, it is internationalized (even its description at Google Play), and it features nice tricks, like multitouch controls and OpenGL ES 1.0 (2D, using ortographic projection). It does haves a few minor bugs, for example the synchronization between the game thread and the OpenGL thread is not perfect causing rare non-critical screening issues…

The subject here is: I want to develop for the market, to make a living out of this. As a mature experienced Java developer (and computer scientist) I know I am up to the challenge. Still, I need ideas about budget for this. I intend to make “fun to develop, fun to play games”, cheap, my goal is not to become trillionaire with it, just live well by doing what I love. AND developing nice smooth games, not rough ones…

I am not sure what is the best strategy for achieving this… I am currently considering financing a kickstart with banks in order for living at least an year with this budget and put full dedication into my first projects (along with a friend of mine), and pay it already with the incoming, as well as keep my work with the profit earned, but I am unsure about the risk involved. I am braziliam, then probably it is not precisely the same laws, taxes, costs involved, but as we are thinking about the idea here the conditions are not an issue to the subject.

Working with other projects for companies WHILE I develop is not an atractive possibility for me, since it consumes much time and I would program my games only in free time, probably expended by the work and so on… And I do intend to LIVE while I do what I like.

I already had to listen things like “you will be smashed by the game industry roller”, but as for this I just give a fk for the game industry roller, lately they produce only canned products from some “success formule”, aimed in filling their asses with incalculable fortunes, resulting in line produced games where all levels are just about the same st and absurdly similar to levels of other games as well. Take your weapon and shoot everything… Sorry about the rough expressions, but it is an accurate feeling expression.

No, I am more interested in the art, the fun, the creativity, the new, the bold… Exploring unexplored things instead of trying to buy the self claimed “success formulas”, I am interested in the right of exploring just as a child scribbles the wall with it’s color pencils and eventually produces masterpieces because nobody shouted them not to… Hauhauhauhauhauhauh!!

If everybody don’t even try because the industry washed the brains to the point where people believe it is impossible to create without being the so called “cog of the machine”, well, this day the capitalism will really be vitorious… But not while there is people to prove the opposite and adventure themselves.

Well, I welcome ideas, advices, constructive speeches only, please… I’ll be most thankfull with this exchange of ideas that may be usefull for all of us.


Who of us wouldn’t like to make a living on making games? :wink:
I guess it’s possible, but quite difficult and alot of work. I can only tell you about my own experience. I am a student and I have developed a little game that’s on the android market. It’s a casual game, programmed with rough edges and the graphics are not the best. It has room for improvement but still a nice game I guess. I don’t know what impact quality has on download rates. It’s a free game with ads on it. I think the most important thing is marketing. There are tons of games on the play store, so you have to advertise your game one way or the other. I added my game to some android gaming sites and did some forum posts. What surprised me is that I have constant download rates per month since I released it 12 months ago.
So from my experience I’d say you have to make good games and even better marketing :slight_smile: