AndEngine Documentation?

i searched in google and i found 1 page but that page don’t have the description, only the arguments and the name of the creator. I want to create games with that engine but i don’t found tutorials explaining what is BitmapTextureAtlas or TextureRegion, only the functions, camera and EngineOptions.

Download the Examples project (, it will build you and app where you can try out most of the features of AndEngine. Also, if you download the andengine source you can generate JavaDocs from that.

In addition to that, I found these links useful when working on Hovercraft:

I liked AndEngine, but I prefer libGDX as the cross-platform aspect will make developing so much easier.

Thanks, i’m trying different frameworks/engines(i used GameMaker:Studio and Corona SDK, now AndEngine) and later i will test with LibGDX