Amysle Dev Theard - Defuq!? Update[1] - read why Update[1]


my brother deleted my f**k### yt account so i will make all those updates in to 1 update lol
check my new channel out while you wait for new videos =D

new channel -.-

i have some problems i will recode some stuff and how its setup
so it will take some time hope i get it finished untill next week =D

Latest Update

Update[1] - so mutch stuff:

there will not be video for this update coos its alot to go throw and some stuff will just sound weird when say
coos sometimes i made changes! sy for this
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[list]- Player can run

  • Player has stamina
  • Player has diffrent diractions to look
  • Nice player movement
  • Player has health
  • player can kill
  • player has damage area
  • Player has healthbar
  • Player can regen health
  • player shows behind guis
  • Player has levels
  • player has sexy idle pixture
  • Blood comes when player dies
  • stamina loads faster when stans still
  • Player Detection radius
  • Player shop items
  • Player auto cash
  • Player death screen fades in
  • Player death msg


  • ai can kill and get killed
  • ai walks alot better then before
  • ai now has textures
  • Ai now bumbs when hit em
  • Nice Ai collisions
  • ai has a idel picture
  • ai looks down and up depending on player y to ai
  • Started with spawn System
  • can get Next Wave + amount of zombies


  • Stamina changes colors when have diffrent amount of it
  • Good Ground textures
  • Implemented Shop Textures
  • there is a Shop menu gui
  • help gui, not done
  • stats gui
  • stats shows health,stamina for ex
  • Stats now have icons

the bricks in the middle, you should tone down those colours more. Otherwise you get the background confused with the walls and the players - makes it look nicer too.

As for whether it should be top down - you probably shouldn’t decide that based on your art:P Choose whichever one you’d prefer to code.

this is what i made
EDIT: posted at top instead

what do you guys think so far? =D

Moved from Business board to WIP :expressionless:

ok… ty :slight_smile:

Could you perhaps embed just the most recent video, and link the rest? Just to keep the post readable :slight_smile:

The game is looking good so far, it reminds me of something similar that I created a while ago:

that game looks cool =D, there you go i fixed post still fixing

Your thread looks a bit chaotic and rubbish maybe clean up the first post… I didnt really even want to look at it. I did check out the 2nd half of your video though and I thought it was pretty cool how the enemies stop following you when they get too far behind. Details like that are great for making a game more interesting so keep it up!

thanks i make it less messy ty for your support =D, really makes me happy