AlphaComposite not working!

I have a class called “Trail” in my game. In it I want to slowly make a texture more transparent to simulate a fade out. But using AlphaComposite doesn’t work and the obect just doesn’t gets rendered!

	private float alpha = 1;
	private float fade = .05f;

	public void update(){
		alpha -= fade;

	public void render(java.awt.Graphics2D graphics) {
		if (alpha > 0) {

	private AlphaComposite makeTransparent(float alpha) {
		return AlphaComposite.getInstance(AlphaComposite.SRC_OVER, alpha);

If I use this code with something like graphics.fillRect(…) it works perfectly, but it just doesn’t want to work with a BufferedImage!
PS: The update method get’s called 60 times a second and the render method as often as the CPU allows it. I’m sure that it’s a problem with this code snippet.