alienating Xith

Guys there is not much activity here on Xith forum, i know its been moved to Xith homepage, but by doing this, it might be a big hindrance for newcomers, and Xith might also loose on expert guidance from old graphic user… am i wrong…!!

News like new releases will still be posted here. All developers also read this forums, so we might get some expert guidance anyway :wink:

Yeah but on the other hand, moving to has proved to be a good decision after all… We have all of a community at, I think it’s OK like that.
As for expertise, when e.g. we need advice we can always come here and ask JOGL/LWJGL/jME/jPCT/Java3D/Aviatrix3D/VolatileEngine guys :slight_smile:

Maybe a sticky post with a shout out loud title “USE SITE for discussion”

Good idea.