Air Control Gam Jam (Simulator Theme)

After seeing the Air Control posts all over the Internet today it has inspired me to host my first Game Jam!

Create a Simulator game by the end of June and submit to:

Starts on Monday and runs until the end of the month, winner decided by way of vote!

Please come and take part and represent Java :smiley:

What air control posts? What is that?

Never mind!

Unreal what gets onto steam these days! It is sort of funny and a little sad that games of that quality get sold! Really caused a stir with the Steam community.

As a huge fan of all kind of simulator games, this sounds fun and I will definitely take a part.

World of Tanks, Sim City, IL2 Sturmovik, iRacing, Silent Hunter and Civilization are my favorities. :slight_smile:

Already have somekind of plan in my mind…

Great to hear you are taking part! Really looking forward to your entry Thanks!

Ah, I took too large project and couldn’t finish in time. Still working on a proto. :stuck_out_tongue:

Funny that the jam was a failure but 100’s of silly sims hit steam.

If you finish your proto please let me know would love to see it

I will finish it, still working on it. Though I have not made much progress lately. Devlog can be found on tigsource forums.

I will inform when it is in playable state. :slight_smile:

I really want to give this a go , I have a great idea for a game and it would be fun , its kind of unique , maybe not a simulator as such but more of a management.