ADT or Andmore

LibGDX tut --> Out of about 10 different tutorials, this is the best I’ve found and I want to start it. but this tutorial uses eclipse instead of android studio and installs the ADT plugin.
In the video it says that the official support for ADT has been discontinued, I know that, but in the video, ADT was downloaded 10,000 last month and now 600 downloads last month.
Can I still use ADT or do I have to download the plugin called Andmore(400 downloaded this last month)?

While I haven’t used LibGDX before, I would, as an Android Developer suggest that you stay away from ADT. It was a legacy piece and isn’t maintained anymore. Also, the tutorial you linked to might be old too.

If I were you, I’d look for an alternative tutorial rather than using ADT.

there are similar opinions on the internet about ADT, i’m convinced. I will try using Android Studio. Thanks. If you have any other suggestions or tutorial suggestions, I’m always open.