Active Rendering in J2ME

hi guys… my problem is that idk how to implement an active rendering in J2ME…

i’ve tried to do so, however the application is not working… nothing happens after I run the program…

here is my source code…

public StandardMobileMode(boolean suppressKeyEvents, javax.microedition.lcdui.Display display) {
		this.display = display;
		this.currentGraphics = new MIDletGraphics();

	public Graphics getBackBuffer() {
		return currentGraphics;

	public boolean flip() {
		return true;

btw this is based from GTGE engine… the getBackBuffer() function returns graphics object from the canvas… the StandardMobileMode is a subclass of GameCanvas…

this is how i initialized the game canvas… the class containing this function is a subclass of MIDlet…

public void setup(Game game) {
		try {
			/* Initialize File IO */
			engine.fileIO = new MobileIO();
			/* Initialize Display */
			javax.microedition.lcdui.Display display = javax.microedition.lcdui.Display.getDisplay(this);
			engine.display = new StandardMobileMode(false, display);
			/* Initialize System Time */
			engine.timer = new StandardTimer();
		} catch(Exception e) {

and this is how my gameloop works…

		while(isRunning) {
			if(!isPaused) {;
			do {
				if(!isRunning) {
				Graphics g = display.getBackBuffer();;
			} while(!this.display.flip());
			elapsedTime = this.timer.sleep();
			if(elapsedTime > 100) {
				elapsedTime = 100;

i can’t seem to make this run… all i get is a blank screen… can somebody help me? thanks in advance…:slight_smile:

It’s a long time since I did any J2ME - you could try the guys over at IIRC they’re a nice bunch.