Account blocked because Activation Mail was never received.

Pretty much says it all. Im new. Tried to change my email from the automatically generated one. it is a GMX mail so the Google Verification thing doesn’t work. Facebook gives an error.
Can someone please unblock “RalleYTN”. Thanks.

Don’t know how to write PMs to people yet. Could not find an email to write to because it is nowhere to be seen or just very well hidden.

The bad news is that the functionality has been broken for a long time, the even worse news is there are no plans to fix it. On a positive there are plans to migrate the forum to something more modern and mobile friendly. @SHC has been working on this, but it don’t know the latest on this.

Maybe create a fake gmail account to use. I cannot login unless I login with google or gmail.


Migration is the only issue that we could think of. The reason is that the present JGO is using a heavily modded SMF 1.x release which is severely outdated and no longer supported. That is the reason I started migrating the data to a new Flarum based backend.

However, the migration process is now on hold, primarily for two main reasons:

[]The next release of Flarum, the beta 8, is said to bring a lot of breaking changes to the previous versions, including database refactorings.
]The second reason is that I’m no expert in SQL and need someone with experience to optimize the queries. The queries are currently taking a whole day for the entire forum (yeah, JGO got quite a bit of history too, having posts from 2001).

So once the beta 8 of Flarum is released, I’ll start to work again on this. If anyone is interested, they are welcome as well.

I don’t know if @funnyjokes is a spam account or not, but the dot-posting here brought some answers to a previously unanswered issue, which is pretty cool.


Start a new migration thread here showing the schema you want the data in and the schema of the data you want to get the data from (most people won’t have access to either), we can then collectively help get the right SQL together. I know quite a bit of SQL as i have been using it for many many years so i can help contribute. Hopefully we can collectively get this done pretty quick. Even if we we migrate to the current flarium it will be very easy to migrate up from there