Account activation


I have problem with the account activation (with the account Sandcastlegames not this one). The FAQ says I need to check spam filter etc (I have and have also deactivated it now). The other option is to use Facebook or google login (I don’t have and would prefer not to register there).
The third option is to send an email to the support email address (which should be easy to find but I couldn’t) so I registered another account just to send a message to the admin. (This account could be deleted later). Sending a private message always failed (there was no image with the captchas instead only audio and it did not work every time I tried)

What I did in the first place was registering the first account. I was not asked for an email address but was just automatically logged in after registering. The first thing I wanted to do was to set my profile settings where I set my email address for the first time. Then it said I need to validate by email but couldn’t as no email was received.
I am now not sure because I copy&pasted the email address if I maybe inserted the email address twice.

I would appreciate if you could get the account going.

Best Regards,


Unfortunately it’s broken, has been for a long time and won’t be fixed unfortunately. Best thing to do is to link it with a Google account.

I don’t want to register with google. I want to register here. If it is not possible I wait until this board migrates (I heard this is the plan).
Until then I request to get this account and the original account Sandcastlegames deleted. The help says there is a function in the profile management to do this but it does not exist, so I can’t do it myself.