Abyssal & BB codes

Hi, I have uploaded my codes in case someone wants see them.

Brain Burning 4k : This is my very first game in 4k so the code isn’t very optimiced and it’s quite simple.
Abyssal Cave 4k : In this my second game I tried to optimice a little more, this code is not so easy to read as the first one, the seaweed effect is implemented in the paint method, they are only curves whose control points rock from left to right, the corals are lines which are drawn in a tree structure, the commented part was used to generate progressive colors. Enjoy the reading! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You can comment or ask if you want, I will answer as far as I can :wink:

(Sorry about my english, I’m not very quick today)


Ok, Thanks, I wrote an incorrect URL, problem solved ;D