Ability to Remove a Medal

I’ve seen a bunch of moments where people accidentally gift a medal to another member. It would be nice to have some sort of feature to remove a given medal. Maybe you can only do it for 2 or so days before the medal is permanent?

Do people care about medals?

I think it makes others feel “Appreciated”.

I care about medals, but then I’m a sad person…

I think it would be nasty to remove medals.

Well if someone doesn’t deserve one, should they have it anyways? In the big picture it doesn’t really matter but it would be a nice feature.

Do you care about getting recognized for an accomplishment?

This suggestion has come up several times and every time the answer is that it’s too much effort for a solution to something that isn’t a problem.

If you accidentally give lollipop to children would you take it away? Assuming police haven’t yet arrested you.

This suggestion already exists and is extensively discussed here:


Do you care about getting recognized for an accomplishment?
Recognized? You mean feeling superior to other?
I am completly fine with someone saying “Thank you” if i have helped them, or told me directly that my ideas or whatever were good, instead of giving me some gamificationmedals.

I don’t care one bit about criticism on ways to lower the bar to give positive feedback.

It would be nice to have an “undo”, because I’ve given medals out by accident as well. But really it’s not like the medals do anything, so if someone gets a few extra here and there by accident it’s no big deal.

Besides there’s a bigger picture too, it’s not like someone will get more medals by accident than someone else, in general everyone will get the same amount of accidental medals compared to everyone else based on the ratios of their posts. Meaning in the end, generally speaking, no one gets a “leg up” on anyone else really.

So really, while being able to undo medals would be nice, it’s completely not worth the effort to code because it won’t actually have any effect on the statistics as a whole.

There’s also the added problem (assuming there were no time limits) where someone could get mad at another user and “take away” all the medals they ever gave to them, and other shady practices that would damage JGO’s community and just cause drama.

Uhm, call me heretic, but what about a little “really give medal to xy?” popup?

Anyways, this is probably actually not worth the discussion…

… and see the number of awarded medals dwindle.

Not because people were mistakenly awarding medals, but because it’s such a nuisance having to confirm all the time that you wanted to be nice.

If you accidentally give a medal more than once then [spoiler] [/spoiler] and you should [spoiler] [/spoiler] because [spoiler] [/spoiler]. So stop being part of the problem instead of [spoiler] [/spoiler]

Actually, some people do get a “leg up” (aka random outliers). :wink:

But I think we should just leave it as is. I’ve given a couple by accident as well. I’ve probably received a few that way, too. Not a big deal.