A lack of appreciation

I see too many posts that go unapreciated that clearly deserve some recognition.

Its not that the post isnt apreciated, often the person who benifits from the post says things like, “Thanks, I appreciate it!” or “Thanks @Whomever, exactly what I was looking for.” Or even “+1”. But then that person doesnt click the actual button!

Some of these posts are more like short tutorials, made specifically for the OP. I dont know if people dont understand that there is an appreciation button, maybe it should point it out to first time users.

Some great posts gone unappreciated :
http://www.java-gaming.org/topics/new-to-java-where-do-i-start/32332/view.html (Troubleshoots)


I do try to award alot of medals, but I assume if I use it too often I’ll be fed to the ChitChatMonster?