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I do not intend to produce a professional game, but I like to improve myself in java. So I’ve been trying to code a android game(i think to use android studio when i go further) for a while. However, I must not have done my research well because I was not aware of the things written here: How do I start Java Game Development?
I’m not using OpenGL, LibGDX or LWJGL.Is there a great tutorial that demonstrates all this by coding a sample game because I have no idea where to start?
Note: I guess this forum is not like stackoverflow, is there anything important I should know before asking more questions on the forum?
Is there another forum I should use about Java game development? Or is jvm gaming enough?

Hi Kayaba! Welcome to the forum. I think this is a great place to ask questions. It is a little quiet here, because not many people use forums these days, but the guidance and responses you get are in my opinion higher quality.

Back in like 2008, I first started learning Java and followed these tutorials:

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Hi and Welcome!

You asked “Is there anything important I should know before asking more questions on the forum?”

The most important thing here is to just stay respectful and civil! We aren’t trying to make each question here serve as a wikipedia reference, which seems to be an aspiration at StackOverflow, and responses don’t get ranked (though they can be ‘appreciated’). So, it’s okay to ask open-ended questions or make requests for general advice. As a result, there can be rather different and even contradictory opinions expressed. But as long as a discussion doesn’t devolve into a flame war and stays generally on topic, it’s all good.

The article you linked is pretty old, and for me (speaking of divergent opinions), I think going ahead and getting one’s feet wet with game loops using simple graphics (either Swing or JavaFX) is fun and perfectly fine. I prefer JavaFX myself (am in the minority), but I’m not trying to do things that would require the performance benefits of OpenGL. The creators of LibGDX and LWJGL, and another interesting OpenGL library called JOGL do hang out here on occasion and will likely have good links and advice for you.

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