A game so early in development that it has no name

Hello all. This is a game I am currently making. It is very early in development, so it is only a menu screen for now. It is one of my first experiments in Swing. Screenshot:

(In case you didn’t notice, the numbers are levels to be made ;D)

Nice job copying HeroesGraveDev’s game name xD
Can you share what the game will be about?

Well, its going to be a game where you use the arrow keys to move a red square to a green one. But you will have to watch out for the blue squares, which if they are on a square adjacent to the red square, you lose! The blue squares will be using AI that I have to figure out how to do :emo:. There will also be walls and flame blocks, which you have to avoid.

My game will have a name as soon as I get the neccessary gameplay working (don’t like playig pong when there is no ball ;D)
I have already decided the name.
Soon I will post it on my thread (but it may require some deciphering)

@OP: I don’t mind that you ‘copied’ the name. Keep it as long as it takes to make a name.

But yeah, what is it about? Ninja’d :wink:

Just in case you were confused, you have to avoid the flame blocks squares, not the walls (Though it might be useful to avoid the walls ;D)

I would recommend using legit graphics, it will make your life easier than trying to color buttons :wink:

What’s legit?

I have a name! But unfortunately, that name was hashed :persecutioncomplex:, so you have to work it out.
This is it: 314025596
If you decipher it, please tell me ;D.

You know, you could be more creative than that. Please stop copying my ideas. :slight_smile:

And by the way, dehashing a string is complicated. And you have to account for the fact there are (potentially) infinite strings per hashcode. I tried making a dehashing program today and gave up because iterating through each possible string is actually quite hard. I may try again tomorrow with only letters.

It’s not hard, it’s time consuming… If your game name has 10 characters, that means there are at least 26^10 strings to be checked (that’s: 141167095653376 checks). With 1 million checks / second, it will take almost 4.5 years.

Definitely getting the name in time! ;D

An idea for a game name and possibly a deeper story: The Rapist of Gong Nameng
There are far to few rapist-games…

Going for the critical acclaim and market success of Custer’s Revenge, are you?

No. And sorry for tricking you, but the hash is actually the name! ;D.

so your game is called “314025596”?

It’s supposed to sound mathematical. :wink:

You do realise how hard it will be for people to get their friends to play this game…

You really should consider that when choosing a name.

OK. But I’m not really asking for big publicity. I was thinking of calling it squares…

OK. The name is now different. The name is now Squares! :point:

You never should ask for it if you want the game to be fun. But if it’s fun, publicity is a good side-effect.