hi all. first post here :slight_smile:

my submission: 4kTetrisAttack

webstart: http://javaunlimited.net/games/launch.php?type=jnlp&id=97
jar: http://javaunlimited.net/games/launch.php?type=file&id=97

ARROW KEYS to move
SPACE to switch the blocks
F for speed up

F2 to start a new game
F4 to switch between fullscreen and window
ESC to quit

the “FTP hosting” link at the submission page doesnt work, and i could use some webhosting :wink: at the moment its just my PC which doesnt run all the time.

Great, a tetris clone. Now we know where blah^3 votes are going again this year. If he’s a judge that is.

Tetris Attack != Tetris

They are very different puzzle games. It just so happens, that it’s one of my favorites. I even put up with purchasing a Pokemon game just so I could feed my Tetris Attack craving! (Tetris Attack for Gameboy Color was rebranded as Pokemon Puzzle Challenge.) More info on Tetris Attack can be found here.

To the author:

Unfortunately, as a rabid fan of the game I’m going to end up tearing you apart on this one. :frowning:

Problems include:

  • Poor puzzle detection. I’ve slid blocks to the side that have completed three in a row rather than fall down like they should. I’ve also managed to clear the wrong color block in a stack of 4. (Don’t ask me how.)
  • The graphics need work. Whimsical graphics are a key element to the game. Replacing them with simple colors just doesn’t do it. I realize this is a 4K game, but even pixelated graphics are okay. See the attached image for an example of what I changed when I cloned the game.
  • Chains, where are my chains? There’s no visual confirmation that I’ve created a chain. Again, this was a key element to the game.
  • Width and depth. The board is far too wide, and not deep enough. It should be 6 columns wide by 12 rows high. Anything else feels “wrong”.
  • Competitors. Another key gameplay feature in the challenge mode of Tetris Attack was the virtual competitor. Even if you can’t see him, he would throw garbage blocks your way every so often. Vice Versa, you threw garbage blocks at him to make his meter rise faster.
  • Speed. The blocks feel slow to switch. This is not a good thing in a heated game.

Again, I’m a rabid fan so take my comments with a grain of salt. (I don’t even like Crack Attack that much, and it’s a fairly good translation!) I think you’ve made a great start, but it’s really difficult to pay homage to a game like this in only 4K. :slight_smile:

Not a bad game. I have to agree with some of JBanes comments though, it goes pretty slow, and the graphics could be prettier. I also noticed that groups of blocks will sometimes match when they are created, automatically clearing them.
Finally, the fullscreen mode does not work on Linux, probably because your using 32bpp for the colour depth when you try to change display modes.

P.S. jbanes check your private messages.

ftp: javaunlimited.net
user: j4k@javaunlimited.net
pass: j4k

files appear at http://javaunlimited.net/hosted/

Fun game but I don’t think the highscores work :frowning: clever system putting the code in the clipboard however.

Anyway I’m not sure if you tweaked it but I don’t think it goes too slow. I start having trouble around level 5, which is about 2 minutes in I think (or less). I believe my highest score so far is 9290. JBanes probably has like… 50000 though. :slight_smile:

edit: 10946!