My second entry to the competition: 4Kraft

Click here to play

StarCraft / WarCraft fans reunite! Wait no more for SC2!

Objectives: Kill all enemy!

The control is very similar to the StarCraft game control.

-SPACE to pause/resume the game at any time

-W S D A to to scroll on the map

-Move mouse to the edge of the screen to scroll

-Left click on the minimap to scroll to anywhere on the map if you (the point you clicked on the minimap will be centered)

-Click on a unit to select it. You can select multiple units if you hold down the left mouse button and you drag your mouse over a rectangle area.

-SHIFT + select units to extend / narrow current selection.

-SHIFT + move to issue ATTACK-MOVE (move until enemy is nearby then attack)!

-Q to select all your units. Number keys to select units of the same type (you can press multiple numbers at the same time).

-RIGHT mouse button to move units to the mouse cursor. You can also RIGHT click on the minimap to set the target point. Right click on an enemy unit to attack it.

-W S to change game level before game starts

  • + - to change game speed at any time


I’m finding it a bit too fast & chaotic; consequently there doesn’t appear to be very much strategy involved.

How do the units stack up against each other? are some better Vs specific others? (e.g. Heavy Tank and infanty mutually ineffective against one-another, artillery fragile but heavy hitting etc etc)
Also, all shots appear to be homing? which negates any benefit that speed might offer to lighter vehicles.

Too fast => you can change the game speed with +/- at any time.

I’d say it’s just as much of a skill game than as a strategy if not more.

Units damage other unit types the same. But if a unit has little health, it’s recommended to pull bigger units away to not waste bullets on it.

If you just sit in one place and play the battle there, then speed does not matter much. But: a slow unit cannot run away from a fast one, the fast one always reaches it and can fire while it follows it. Fast units on the other hand can run away so they can be used to divide the enemy.

Impressive to see how much you fitted into 4k, pretty much everything an RTS should have.

The mouse scroll on the edge is well done too.

I couldn’t beat the first level unfortunately :frowning:

Is it tile based or free form?

Nice job!

PS: This should get the ‘best name’ award

What does tile based or free form mean?

Are there tiles which units traverse occupy/traverse around… but obviously not!