Hi all.

I just discovered java4k.com and was totally blown away by some of the games. I’ve been trying to find a copy of moogie’s 4KJO tool, but all the links seem to be broken.

Could somebody please point me to the latest version?



I probably have the 4kjo tool at home somewhere, but it was designed for Java 5 and 6… i dont know how compatible it will be for java 7

Thank you appel and moogie.

found it :slight_smile:

I am sure some of my old posts will have more info about how to use it…


Thanks Moogie.

Unfortunately Google has decided that your .zip file contains a virus (I’m guessing one of the executables is UPX compressed or similar - virus scanners don’t seem to like that much) and won’t let me download it (says only the owner can download it). :frowning:

ok, i cant access google docs from work so it will have to wait until i get home.

lets try this then: http://www.divshare.com/download/24005551-d53

OK, I think we’re almost there… :smiley:

Thanks for going to this trouble, but I think you may need to click on a confirmation link or something:

Sorry, this account has not been confirmed.
The user who uploaded this file has not confirmed his or her e-mail address, so this file is temporarily unavailable. When the user’s account is confirmed, you’ll be able to download it again. If you have any questions, e-mail us at support@divshare.com.

Is this your file? Get a new confirmation e-mail.

done. the activation email was flagged as spam :frowning:

Got it! Thanks moogie.

I was interested to see that your help file says that Pack200 was not allowed by the competition rules, but the rules on java4k.com say that it is allowed. I guess the rules changed one year?

Also, I’m trying to build the jar for one of the 2013 entries from source. I can build the class and jar file fine (using Eclipse), and a quick run through with 4KJO brought it down to 4.5 kb. I’m going to keep experimenting, but are there any obvious points I might have missed which account for the extra 500 bytes or so?


Well applying pack200 would give a significant saving. You are correct, I think it was only in the 2010 competition that pack 200 was allowed. The 4kjo tool was before that rule was relaxed. I would suggest running pack 200 over the output jar p. however to achieve better gzip compression you will need to extract the gzip stream and use stronger gzip compressor. I think rivers tool when it existed used kip