4Khords asks you to create beautiful music with the majestic silver power orb. Unfortunately and evil wizard has made it so that only a specific pattern of colors will make beautiful music! Only the pure of heart can see what this pattern may be in the upper left hand corner of the world. Follow the pattern, make the music, BE A CHAMPION.

EDIT: Now with a button to magically advance the levels! (Press A to Skip the Current Level)



It Makes Noise!

Looks cool! I’ll try it out when I’m on a computer with sound. :slight_smile:

Very good and original music game, I really like it. But it becomes too hard as soon as level 3, and I couldn’t beat level 4. You should not hesitate to make the difficulty of your game more progressive.

Sorry StephR I had to make it get hard fast since I was running out of space for Levels. There are only 10~ levels total. You can beat them all if you believe in yourself! I actually thought of flattening my arrays that hold the level data and grabbing some more bytes … but I have another game Idea I want to finish for this competition. I actually made an android version of this game but my day job (bioinformatics grad student) has been keeping me from finishing it up.

Great job Russ.

I too found the levels difficult, however i think the fun of this game is in the difficulty of the levels as it is quite clear what you need to do its just a case of pulling it off. I got up to level 6 before feeling the need to throw my laptop began to set in lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice and original game. I like the sound/trickmove/match pattern idea

I just could not pass level 4.
Maybe you tune the difficulty a bit more down.

Really nice game! I like the idea but like the others said … I found the levels difficult too.

Great game & idea! I didn’t find it as difficult as the others said it was. I was able to complete it (I guess. Because it went back to level 1)

The game does loop upon completion so that you can have fun all over again.

Wow a unique game idea! I also found it extremely hard and had to skip level 4, but by level 10 I was close to throwing my laptop against the wall :stuck_out_tongue:

I completed them all - gets frustrating often times, but it’s also addictive and fun.

Great stuff.

My best is lvl 3, the ball is hard to control. The technique of this procedural sound must be learned.

I love the concept, never saw it before!
Lvl 4 was a bit too hard for me too, but overall the game is pretty cool. Congrats!

This was tied for my top game. Too bad it didn’t fare better amongst the other judges too, seems like there were some technical issues. But I really loved it, excellent job. :slight_smile: