4K Game Competition - 2014

Just notifying people the board has been created. Once appel has written a nice opening topic, this one will be poof-ed. :point:


After some discussion about the future of 4k we came to the conclusion to continue as before, and then later add a new launcher once it becomes are requirement for applets to be signed.

So, I don’t have much more to say than that the 2014 contest is open for business, and as traditional it will run from Dec 1st to Feb 28th.

I added a new rule, 5 games max per developer. If there is much protest I will lift it to 10 or entirely.

for us newer members can you link or provide the contest guidelines.

thx :slight_smile:

It’s here. :wink:

I think I’ll do this. I’ve never done a Java game limited to the included API, so this will be interesting.

Nice. 8) Thank you Riven and Appel for continuing to organize and host the contest as well as putting in the extra work that’s probably not apparent to a lot of people (myself included). ;D

I read JGO forum every day, but I haven’t participated yet, except for the Java4K Contest :o
So, big thanks to all the people who contribute and maintain this contest and his site !
Have a good Java4K 2014 8)

Just popping in to say I’m hoping to participate as usual. Haven’t had time to start anything yet, but hopefully during the holidays or sometime next year! :slight_smile:

Yeh, Firefox just uses click to start now, same behaviour as Chrome has had for a while.

To make matters worse the Oracle Applet Plugin (since recent releases) has started to use click to start by showing a dialog in addition to any browser dialogs. So on both Chrome and Firefox you need to click at least two dialogs before an applet is able to start. Might make sense for Oracle to just remove this extra dialog from the applet plugin where the browser already shows a dialog, to reduce the dialog count to one.

Is there anyway to reset my username/password? I submitted a game in 2007 (http://java4k.com/index.php?action=games&method=user&uid=167) , but I have no idea what my username/password was.

Also, I tried to contact Appel at ‘appel (a) java4k.com’ (from the Rules section) about this but the email address doesn’t work.


I’m new here to hopefully compete in this years event, but I noticed a small mistake on the java4k site. In the rules section it states “The Java4K 2014 submission period spans from December 1st 2012 and ends February 28th 2015.”. Though leaving it that way would give me some more than enough time to prepare my game. :slight_smile:

Also, when I followed the link to this forum in Get Started, it send me to the 2013 competition. That would benefit from an update too. :smiley:

One more thing that could be done is modifying in the Applet HTML tag on the submit page,
the default value of the parameter “java_arguments” to “-Djnlp.packEnabled=false”.
I don’t know why, but with the “true” value it doesn’t work.