4k - Balance

Hello all,

This is my submission for this year. I had some more ideas, but not enough time, :slight_smile:


You have to control the platform inclination to move the ball to the red square. Use the mouse movement to control it… These are the controls:

  • 1 - 7: Choose map.
  • Mouse movement: Choose platform inclination.
  • Left mouse button: start / restart.
  • Right mouse button: change current map mode or restart it if it is running.

Suggestions, ideas ande feedback always welcome.

And a request for the admins. I didn’t realize the related preview image was a local path and I set a web link to the image. Now, I can’t chage it. The image is http://luisjavier.lopez.googlepages.com/balance.gif. Could you help me to change it? Thanks

Hi, looks like a good start… however i was not sure what the challenge was as you could never fall off the map due to the borders… perhaps removing segments of the border would add to the challenge?

Try right-clicking a few times, removes the borders… and it gets ridiculously hard without them :slight_smile: