4K 2007 Results!

that’s it for this year

after 25 votes, here’s this year’s results: http://javaunlimited.net/vote/

thanks to all who participated, and gave me some games to play while at work… :slight_smile:

I quite like the voting system, it will definitely be readily available this coming 4K contest, so as to get more votes

not sure if I want to release the people’s names with their votes… what do you think?

Keep it anonymous, might as well. I have no problem with the release of my name though, so I don’t care much.

I’m glad to finally see the results! The lack of voters is a problem here, and I believe it might be a good idea to try it without the “JGO users only” restriction next time. Not that I think the results would’ve been much different; I just want more votes to get a better feeling about the games that scored 0 this time. Also, not restricting anybody to 5 votes would be nice, but that only works with more voters. If anybody can vote for as many as they like (with 1 point for each vote, no order included), they can decide in what way they want to vote - more votes, less impact per game. Fewer votes will send a clear message (“these are my favorites!”).

Good going, and congratulations to the winners!

EDIT: Slight changes, nothing much.
EDIT2: Oh, btw, I tried to update wikipedia’s information on this year’s contest. Please have a look at year 5 on wikipedia and correct any mistakes I’ve made.

Nearly half of the games didn’t get any vote. I think it’s disappointing for many of those who participated not getting any points, and don’t know why. Regarding the results, I’m just grateful that someone else (other than myself 8) ) voted for my games ;D

My thought is that the previous voting system, peer review and judgement, is better. Although, a community voting system could be used to supplement the peer-judging method, having something like “Winner of the community vote” and special prize for it.

You voted for your own games?!?!?!?!

Damn, why didn’t I think of that!

The results look fairly predictable, seems the voting system works fine to me.


Haha. I didn’t vote for my games either, kev, so you’re not alone :slight_smile:
Frankly though, it was mostly because my games never did deserve to end up in the top5.

Wow, super cool to see my game did so well. Especially considering there were alot of amazing games in this years contest.

Thanks to everyone who voted for it. Hopefully people had as much fun playing it as I did building it.

I agree with woogley, there were alot of entries I had fun playing. Looking forward to see the games people create next year!


With next year’s contest already being mooted in another thread, I am curious - did the winners get their prizes, or did Woogley really hoard them?

I didn’t get my price yet.

yes, I hoard prizes. I am a thief. there’s nothing more important to me in this world than having 5 copies of tribal trouble all to myself.

drop your sensationalism, asc. the reality is nobody claimed them. besides, you’re referencing an april fool’s day thread.

i might as well hoard it though since nobody has contacted me about prize redemption. not to mention the wurm online prize is no longer available, as Markus no longer works with the game.

in all reality, i have 5 inactivated tribal trouble keys laying around somewhere with no owners

I don’t see how this is sensationalism. You may not have been serious, but if you didn’t hand them out, then in effect you have hoarded them.

lol, no good deed goes unpunished woogley :wink: First they thank you, then they demand.

One of the winner is my co-worker (jojo), and he couldn’t care less about the prize. As woogley says, if the winners don’t want it, what you gonna do?

I’m not demanding anything, I’m just asking what happened. It wouldn’t gain me anything.

If they really don’t want them that’s fine with me. :slight_smile: But that doesn’t say much for Tribal Trouble if nobody wants it.

And ok, I’ll admit to being a little mischievous in asking. Sorry Woogley if it seemed unfair.

even though I didn’t enter…can I have a prize for being a prophet that is dark? :smiley:

I am very pleased with how my game did, and I certainly enjoyed playing all the games. I did not know about any prizes. I would be happy to try out Tribal Trouble. Does fourth quallify me for any of the prizes.


Right, I guess I should be entitled to a TT key. Sort of forgot about it and didn’t realize that I had to claim it and don’t quite know how to… Woogley, could you maybe just PM me the key?

ulf, jojoh, and rick: I have PMed you your keys from oddlabs. enjoy :slight_smile: