4096 A.D.

Hi, I’m presenting my first 4k entry, a simple space shooter. It is nothing breathtakingly innovative, but it has some nice graphic effects.

You can try the work in progress version here.
Any comments or critique are appreciated.

Is anyone else not able to view the image? or is it just me?

-Pickle :slight_smile:

It must be just you. I can see all of its pixelly goodness! Really cool game. Though, if you can fit it within the size requirement, you should add keyboard input to move the player. Using the mouse to move is really annoying and anti-intuitive. But I love the particle effects and the destructible planet! Very pretty.

Looks nice … no it looks very nice =)

Perhaps some more enemies and more goodies will help to stay motivated and not quit the game after 2 games or so.

Ya looking good 8)

I agree, the mouse right click is very counter-intuitive, I even clicked outside the window once and covered half the game with a context menu ::slight_smile: Other than that I have the sense that the firing is somewhat unresponsive, maybe even missing some mouse clicks… but that could just be my impression

Great stuff! I love the visuals, and I thought the controls were fine once I got used to them. It would be interesting to compare mouse versus keyboard though!

The issues for me were that I lost the ship a few times amidst the particles, and also the player’s shots and meteor debris look very similar, so it is easy to confuse them.

My best score was 80 points :persecutioncomplex:

Looks decent, controls were smooth, etc… This game is good although I’d never play it more than two or three times; I could easily see this being an SNES or Atari game back in the day.

Best score was 189 on my first try, I became a bit bored around 150.

Quite fun to play. I’m really impressed by the style and the awesomenes of the graphics ;D

Hi, I implemented keyboard support. You can use cursor keys or WSAD, sadly the right mouse for movement is gone for now. The size went up, so it requires pack200 now (hoped to tame it under 4k without it). I hope I would be able to use the new 400bytes for some more game-play.

You can still try the work in progress version here.

Beautiful graphics. Controls feel a bit odd, but I’m getting used to them.
I kinda suck at this game at the moment but have that strange urge to ‘have another go’

Really cool game with very nice effects.

Instead of starting the game by pressing SPACE, what about doing it by pressing the left mouse button ?

I would suggest to add new ennemies, like some waves of space invaders, or a shooting flying saucer or splitting big asteroids like in Atari’s Asteroids.

What about adding an ‘enemy’ comet ? Simply change the color of your meteor, and make it fast and scarce.

This is probably the final version, which means I’m fairly happy with the gameplay. There is a new type of meteorite, which is getting bigger and bigger throughout the whole game and is spicing it up quite well.
I put up an online scorecard for the best score, but it is fairly simple and probably will be compromised (will be reset every day).

play it here

One complaint… it’s very hard to convince anyone you’re doing any work when you have to click that much :wink:

I don’t know if you’ve updated this since the last couple of comments, but WASD and holding down the left mouse button worked wonders for me.

It is very hard to hit things, when it’s all so small a scale. But it looks awesome! It seems that the rate of fire changes randomly, but it might just be me.

Well done, nevertheless!

The trailer for your game was really great ! ;D