4 Freedom

Go medieval with;


4 Freedom

I’ve a feeling I’ve left something out, but I still have a few bytes left…

Edit: It was archers! They’re in now.

Selecting units (or to attack other units) is difficult. Because the camera recenters as the current unit moves, I often find myself clicking the ground right next to a shield (where I had been at the shield the moment earlier), which causes the unit to change direction.

I think it’d be better to have the camera be user controlled, or if theres not enough room left, have it average the unit positions or something else to slow down the scrolling.

Looks impressive & very ambitious.

Though it runs quite slow on my netbook, and the window area is too big for the 600 pixel high screen.

Victory! Siward was defeated. One last man standing. :slight_smile:

I tried other things but this seems nicest - I like the way it adds confusion to combat!

:slight_smile: (My best is 39 ;D)

An awesome strategy game, the Medieval : Total 4K I was dreaming ! Concerning the commands, what about using the [space] key or the mouse right button in order to toggle between units ? Having different levels, with increasing armies on both sides and the growth rate of the player army being lesser than the enemy one, would be nice too. With GTA4K, you made some really fine entries this year.

I like the 3d effect! not sure i enjoy the game play… i can see potential for a fast vehicular type game using the 3d back ground

Nice graphics :slight_smile:

The controls really ruined it for me. I felt like I couldn’t accurately command my units as I wanted, which I think is a big problem. Controls shouldn’t create the difficulty of a game.

However, the graphics are gorgeous and everything seems to work fairly well.

Nice graphics. Is there a penalty for attacking uphill? Somewhat routed on my first go. Left rather a large bloodstain on the terrain ;D

Hmmm - how should the controls work then?

I think pressing a number on the keyboard in order to select a unit group would make it fine. As mentioned previously, trying to select a group and then mis-pressing causes a lot of problems. If you don’t have enough bytes to do that or you’re not interested in that for gameplay, another option would be to greatly increase the size of the hitbox for the shields. Make it stupidly easy to click on them.

Or do what almost all RTS’s have been doing since Starcraft; left-click select, right click issue order.

I also think the camera needs to be free roaming for strategic planning to play much of a part in the combat.

Oh, don’t forget more unit types =)
The bare minimum for scissors-paper-stone to work properly is Cavalry, Pikemen, Archers & Swordsmen.

That should do it!

Unless you’re on a Mac!

The trouble with this is that it means you can access all the units from the start. :-\

Ah, you mean scissors-paper-stone-WMD! Archers would be nice - hmmm, I wonder…

Are there still Macs with only 1 mouse button?!?! :-\

I’d go with a simple disclaimer “Get a proper mouse, or sod off.”
Though i’m not known for my diplomacy ;D

Mac users are fairly used to having to control-click on anything for when they need a right click, so you can just include that option as well and everything should be fine for all types of users.

Thanks to Riven’s squeezy-crushy thing I’ve managed to cram in a few more features;

  • Mini-campaign of 4 missions
  • New unit - archers
  • Whole-map scrolling

thinks why can’t we change this to a 5K competition? :wink:

Because then we can make significantly more complex games which means longer development and higher cost of entry for new comers…

Though 5k would mean i would be able to do that 4k ray tracing engine i have been threatening to do for years!

It really needs cursor scrolling - push scrolling is just an exercise in frustration in a window.



Being able to select more than one group at once would be nice.

Also, I have found that when moving a group from one place to another, they would stop moving to their destination when I tried to move a different group at the same time.

This was particularly problematic when playing the “Save the archers” mission. I was trying to move the archers away from the enemy, while at the same time, advance the other two groups to attack.

I also found it a bit hard to move around the map with the mouse, and trying to find other enemies and allies was pretty difficult. I think you should increase the range on the corner-indicators to an infinite length, so you can see where everyone is - or add some sort of mini-map.

That aside, I loved the graphics. :smiley: