3D Game Type

Hello guys, so i was thinking to make a 3d game because im boring to make 2D games , examples, etc… anymore soooo i want to know what its called this type of 3D Game or Engine idk… ??? ??? Here is the screenshot: https://imgur.com/jv24go4

There is so many ways you can do and start 3d game programming.

  1. You can do it pixel perfect >> it means you are controlling one pixel to manipulate around image to make you see 3D box
    But, the drawbacks of course you are making the things from scratch
  2. 3D engine game libraries >> LWJGL, jMonkey and etc
    you can pick which one and see up on google. i recommend you use this way since you dont make the thing from scratch and you might want to use 3D modelling software to draw what you desire

good luck, have fun and always googling :slight_smile:

You could try using libgdx for 3d. It adds a lot of useful stuff on top of lwjgl to make it easier to get things going. It’s quite capable, but it is very primitive when compared to an engine like unity… so there will be a ton on learning involved (though a lot of 2d concepts are still extremely useful and relevant in a 3d game).

That screenshot looks like a 3d dungeon crawler, similar to the old wolfenstein 3d, which used an old technique called ray casting.
There is a similar styled modern game made with libgdx called Delver, it is open source on github.