3D Binding - Team Based Contest Idea

There are alot of people who can program by themselves, but i was thinking of a competion that would challenge people to work in a team.

Contens Rules:-

Team size:

How teams are selected:
After people show demos or applications of there previous work, and choose a graphics binding. The organisers in charge should select the best fitted people to work together on a game (same binding and similar experience).

All resources, other than code will be provided for the programmers, there will be a set theme. and teams need to decide on the game style before begining to code. Teams must not change style during the production period.

Contest will run for 4 weeks, all contestants will be given information about what team there on. prior to the time peroid.
Contestants will be given the contacts of there team members (I dont know if this is a good idea)

People will be challeged to work together, aswell as make there code understandable by other programers.
resources will include sounds, textures/sprites, models, music.
the only exceptable outside resource will be fonts.

anyway just throwing the idea out there. tell us what you think.

oh. I was also thinking for web deployment, that the resources should all be in a single jar file, and there will be a single certificate given to all the contestants. but im guessing there would be some sort of agreement people would have to accept, but yeah thats just an idea.