3 entries so far!

And I forgot that I was going to be away all weekend, so no progress on mine - woops. Though as I couldn’t resist seeing how it worked out - I’ve got the entire Puppygames sprite engine and effects engine, the polyphonic FM synthesizer, particle engine, window handling with Alt-Enter for full/windowed mode and buttery smooth main loop, all in about 8kb so far. Font handling next I think, then I can have a think about what game I can write with it. Probably something quite nifty given that the entire remaining space is for pure game code as I won’t have to worry about any rendering or sound from this point onwards.

This is the subtle advantage of 16k over 4k - you can afford to write small libraries and frameworks. I intend to write a bunch of little 16k games with this code.

Cas :slight_smile:

A framework heh? A library heh? Might want to get on with that game :slight_smile:



I know you mock, but there will actually be some games at the end of it :wink: If there’s one thing I can do it’s finish things.

Cas :slight_smile:

Is this stuff shareable ?

OOooo… how exciting, free pop shots at cas :slight_smile:

Welcome to the slow moving caravan of framework makers ;D I think there’s room somewhere in the back, in that line that stretches for miles and miles… ignore the broken down roads and wheels, we sometimes move a meter a day, but you know what, once we get “there” it’s going to be magical! :cranky:

Haha, yes, but the difference is my framework is already almost finished and leaves me 8kb for game code and sprites :wink: You’ll see, etc. etc.
All code will be shared but only when I see some more stuff from other people :slight_smile: I’m curious to see what stuff other people come up with in their 16kb allowances. I’m sort of expecting someone to make a game entirely in a shader at some point, haha ::slight_smile:

Cas :slight_smile:

Yes, the framework is almost finished! As soon as it is finished it will be glorious! ;):smiley:

Honestly, I do know where to stop :wink: I’m only “porting” the Puppygames code over. A very interesting task indeed, throwing out all the clutter and still leaving it with nearly exactly the same functionality as before.

Cas :slight_smile:

Ooooooh I want a shot…I can’t think of something good :’(

But seriously Cas, the 1 week deadline is here… :point:

Yeah, well, I was conveniently away at the time :persecutioncomplex:

Cas :slight_smile:

Wait, not only did you build a framework instead of a game, but you missed your own contest deadline doing it?! :o :wink:

You might see some more stuff as soon as your promising base code is shared ::slight_smile:

Not to hijack the LWJGL16k contest (or pig piling on Cas :p), but maybe it would make sense to use a lib so people can focus on their game from the start? libgdx8k? :smiley:

Oh my god, Nate you’re too good…I’m laughing my BUTT off!!! Bahahahahahahaha

But libGDX8K sounds really good!

Indeed. I was contemplating joining the competition, since I wanted to check out LWJGL, but never really had the time to do it properly (never really done any OGL stuff). But when I read something about creating font renderers and so on I backed off… :stuck_out_tongue: The thing that I like with java game dev, is to design and code games and not have to worry too much about things like HW specifics, font rendering and so on. That is obviously different from person to person. Given some nice framework, that can draw sprites, fonts, get input from user and play sound without much hassle, I’d be interested.

But then again, I am 90% done with a (modestly sized) game I am developing (and thus only have 90% left of it :slight_smile: ) so it is probably a bit against the fostering that Cas is trying to dish out anyway. I should probably stick with that and try to finish it first before starting something new.

Indeed the idea is to see what code you come up with to get what games you want to make done. I’m happy to throw the source code to everything I write out there but I’d be more interested to see what cool things other people make. Particularly my stuff is only 2d and LWJGL gives the cleverer types out there the opportunity to do 3d and I’ve not bothered with any of that.

Cas :slight_smile:

What… wait… are you trying to make us all write our own framework for this competition :persecutioncomplex:

Some wise guy said that I should stop writing/improving libs and frameworks and make games instead :smiley:
Quick someone, register libGDX8K.com. Sounds interesting.

With only 16k there’s something of a limit to how fancy any framework you can do is going to get. Though I am sort of surprised I got all my engine in there and then some. Libgdx would also fit and be similarly small if you’d care to “port” it. It only took a few days to do mine.

Cas :slight_smile: