[2D] Real-Time Editor & Java Game Engine


I find the request a bit daring. What exactly do you want to do? What is the scope?

Why do you need somebody else in your team?
What exactly would his purpose be?

And somehow there is a great dissonance between what you offer and what you ask for.
It sounds more like a job offer.


already found a team lol, i can provide as much information as i want, if you were really curious you would have Pm’d me or added me on skype, but instead your here trying to give me tips on getting a development team lol, and that isn’t bad but its just irrelevant

[quote]i can provide as much information as i want
Oh well you CAN?

Then why don’t you just finally do it man?

[quote]just irrelevant
Unlike another 2d java engine wasting storage space on github ::slight_smile:

I asked here because I think it would have been interesting for more people than just me to get more specific information.

Still, I am glad that you have found a team with which you can implement your project and wish you good luck and fun.


If you want to make something impressive, take a look at Elm and the time traveling debugger. That’s one thing that might warrant the existence of a real-time editor.

Yes, Elm is interesting, although as far as I’m aware the hotswapping and time-travelling stuff got removed and hasn’t returned yet?!

Incidentally, Praxis CORE (the runtime in Praxis LIVE) has some similarities to the lower-level aspects of Elm and supports real-time coding / hot code reloading in Java - actually supports quite a bit of what you can see on that page. I’m currently working on a v4 release that will see the core runtime more easily reusable under LGPL.

A time-travelling debugger would be cool - have to think how easy it would be to add that - definitely harder than for Elm.

If you want to engage people, maybe show some evidence of that. I find myself wondering how many years you’ve really been making stuff, because judging from the number of colours you felt the need to use in that post, I’m not sure whether you’re a teenager yet or still stuck in the halcyon internet years of the mid-90’s with a homepage on GeoCities. :stuck_out_tongue:

ay, that is quite interesting we are taking a look now, im so sorry for the lack of information on this thread guys were are currently working on a new one.

this is a great community and im digging the positive feedback!

We now have more developer positions open, you may apply on the new thread when its finished or you can pm/skype me @ CodyzOrrz.

again sorry for lack of information.

HAHA!, that is pretty accurate mate, but not in this case.
yeah i love colors, i cant stand reading words that are just plain black/gray. (doesn’t help that the sites background is white)
im 22, so yeah i guess im not too far from a teenager.

but in our new thread ill be posting previous work, so my new developers will trust my experience, sorry for not thinking about that, thank you for the advice.