2D Java Game Capstone High School Project Help

Hello All,

I teach computer programming at a high school and have a graduating senior class that is developing a simple 2D Game in Java. Part of the Capstone requirements is that they need a mentor from the industry to oversee their work. The requirements for this mentor would be just to meet with them anywhere from 5-10 times to offer guidance.

The team already has done work on user control, sprite animation, story, and some backgrounds.

Could anyone help guide these guys? They would really appreciate it. Thanks

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So, you just need a person who specializes in Java? Are you interested in education or some kind of status? Many people in similar situations are looking for people with a specific success story, ostensibly to inspire their graduates more. I’m interested in this question because a few years ago I wasn’t hired to give a lecture in front of schoolchildren, because I couldn’t repair the hard drive myself. They considered that my knowledge of the code and my lack of knowledge of the technical part of working with a computer was a big problem. What is your approach?