[1HJJ] Mate 'Em!

This is my entry for the first(!) One Hour Java Jam!

The concept -
Basically you just run into the red squares to “mate with 'em”. Try not to let the population dwindle to 0 to win!

There’s a twist though, when you open the game that might distract you :wink:

This is the result of one hour of coding, please don’t judge too badly

Download (hopefully should run on all platforms):


It’s surprising what you can do in one hour, and what you cannot do. I personally am not at all pleased by my lack of graphics. I definitely would have changed that. But, as far as game mechanics go, I can’t say that I could have made them better within the time limit. The game isn’t really all that fun, but I tried my best!

Overall I give my game a 6/10, keeping in mind I only had an hour!

To vote for my game, hit appreciate! Tomorrow the game with the most medals will win!

Wow this was surprisingly fun. That background was pretty distracting though :point:

I finished with a score of 117

The background makes the game for me :wink: Thanks for playing and rating!

“Jood job, sport!”
Medal worthy.
Loved the MERCury intro also.

The MERCury intro comes standard with every game, but is optional :wink: Yet another reason to love it! Haha

Thanks! Love IRC simulator :wink:

When I created MERCury, I did not ever think it would make me die of a seizure.


-wes :wink: