11 Hours to go, time to start coding (nt.)

Why did I leave so much to the last day? ???

I bet you could do Pong in 11 hours ;D

Last night I had a brilliant idea for a game :persecutioncomplex:

Maybe next year ;D

Alan, it will have to be a VERY basic rendition of pong – I’ve got something else to finish first.

Got 60 rooms to generate before 1am Spanish time + many bugs to fix… And make the buggering thing playable… Feeling pretty stressed tbh… (My fault, yep!)…

Well Stevey, at least we’re suffering together. Misery loves company!

I think I’m in worse shape than you though… I just finished writing “Hello world” and the class file is 5K. :persecutioncomplex:

May I join your club ? Unfortunately, I stopped one week ago my project for the 2010 competition, as it was too ambitious for my modest programming skill and thus would have needed at least one more month to be completed… Since, I have tried to find an idea for a quick and fun game to make before the time limit, and actually it just occurred to me while reading your messages ! A bit more than eight hours to go, but I believe it is still possible ! Even if it will certainly not be much more elaborated than Pong…

I find that only 3 months for our very busy lifes is not a lot of time. The vast majority of game devs here are amateur. And even without that, everybody has a lot more to do in general. Adding a month or a couple of weeks to the contest would help I’m sure.

Actually, the 3 months length is only the submission period, and for what I know, no rule in the contest prevent you from starting to make your game one year in advance. That written, I wish I had one more day to submit my game ! However I think I can still achieve it…

Good point but, like I said, the 4k contest is not the only thing in life (other games in dev, work, family, school, etc.).

Holy crap, I need to get going. I promised myself I would get a polished game in this year, looks like that is out the window.

Must finish something… pool game in 8 hrs, I can totally do that.

Don`t forget that the end is in UTC time zone.

I just finished.

Good luck Shannon and everyone else!

I give up for this year ! I would have needed three or four more hours to finish my project started this afternoon. But even in this case, it would have been a pity as my idea was not too bad and deserved a better treatment…

Congratulations to all the people who succeeded in submiting at least one game, which is an accomplishment in itself.

Ok. I will close it down in an hour.

Tomorrow, March 1st, I will open the voting stuff.

Bugger!!.. Have just submitted a game, but noticed the submitted (obfuscated) version gets a ArrayOutOfBounds exception, whereas the normal unobfuscated version works fine… I noticed a similar problem last week with one of my booleans (obfuscated version was changing the value of the boolean). Didnt manage to figure out why…

F’in pissed off… Anyone had anything similar. got 30mins to fix… HELP!

Proguard’s a bitch, really. I wish you the wisdom to trial-and-error your way out.

Problem is, I cant f’in debug the b&&&d… Trial and error the way to go…

Managed to get a .jar working without the exception (proguard_rguard version). But after pack200 it says the .jar is corrupt. I give up!

If you’ve already created a submission (that doesn’t work) you have till midnight March 1st to fix it.