What i can do to be a professional Java Game Developer


I’m senior java developer, and i’m trying to be a Java Game developer but i don’t know the starting point.

Can you please give me an advice or guidance to be one of you ?


Mohammed Amr

If you’re a senior Java developer, who has never made any games, I’m afraid you’re at the same spot as all of us who’re just starting out in game-development. It is nothing like programming any other application, except the design-part.
Search this forum and Google for game-loops. They are key to understanding what goes on. After that, familiarize yourself with Java2D if you haven’t already, or look into LWJGL to get a grip on OpenGL development.
For your first project, I’d recommend a Pong game. It’ll give you a good understanding of controls, drawing, keeping scores and such. Then maybe make a Mario-clone or a simple tile-based RPG. You can make the switch to 3D whenever you feel up to it. I have no idea what you’ve done so far.

Another exercise you can make is take available source code for existing games and take it appart to get an idea.

Then do what Ultroman said, start small. Best bet is to choose a simple game you already like, and make a reversion of it, that way you’ll have fun doing it.

In my case, part of my starting motivation for Java GameDev was to have a few simple games for free on my Blackberry.

Well I don’t know. However, princec posted an excellent link recently you might be interested in watching. Especially if you’re looking to be a professional indie developer.

That is an excellent talk! Gave me a lot more spirit to continue programming. I really like his point of view, especially about “life-time spent” as a factor :slight_smile: