So, when does J4k2k10 end?

I can’t seem to find this information anywhere… How long do I have to finish my game(s)?

You have 60 seconds; everyone else has 1 2 month(s) & 13 days =)
End of February according to Java4k

Yea, under the headline Dates & Submission Period


Lol, why didn’t I see that? Laziness? Blindness?

Err, so anyway… :smiley:
Thanks! =D

End of Feb, but which timezone? I can see my 2nd entry going to the wire…


RFE: countdown clock! :wink:

T-2 days. ;D

Lazy bastard 8)

Oh snap! I gotta make something fast! It’s like LD-4k!

I’m not going to have time to get my second entry to the level of polish I want, so it will have to wait for next year. Still, 25 entries so far, and I’m sure there will be a handful more.