I should play all 68 games and make a lets play online review ;D

Ok well today I start judging! I still can’t decide how harsh I should be… :stuck_out_tongue:

The developers on this forum spend hours to days on their entries, sometimes pouring their hearts into their efforts. For every negative point that appears in your review, try to come up with something positive to balance it out.

That would be awesome actually, it’ll give Java4K some needed Youtube coverage. Nonetheless, I wish all the judges this year luck on rating all 68 of these games. I wouldn’t mind if the time for judging gets extended a bit, writing that many reviews can take a lot out of someone…

Before youtube maybe java4k needs twitter first ;D

Judging panel results are going to be published on wednesday (in 1 week from now). I think that should be enough time for us to complete it.

Ok, pushing judging panel reviews back to Friday. This is immense work, but we’re almost there!

I’m fine with this actually. Take as much time as you need given that this is the biggest year ever!

The problem was that we got started probably a week too late because of scarcity of judges :slight_smile:

I am cool enough to finish it in time 8), without mentioning the quality of my reviews :stuck_out_tongue:

hey judges thank you guys for wasting your time playing and rating our games :stuck_out_tongue:

when will the judging results be published?

regards, Kronos

Friday :slight_smile:

Nice, I really appreciate what you’re doing. :slight_smile:

Ok, judging is almost done. Two out of three judges have completed, and the last lazy horse (me, sadly) is currently on his last games… man these games are so impressive, some take like 20 minutes, so you don’t need to play many games to soak up time.

I hope to publish the results either late this night or mid Saturday, most likely tomorrow Saturday because it’s already quite late.

Yay more time for me to fiddle with numbers around a bit XD

But seriously, you are completely right. There were so many impressive games that I just got hooked into and forgot about time for a while!

You no consistent! ;D

Sometimes I just would “I have to rate at least 6 games today!” and ended up “What? 2 hours and just 3 games?!”.