Install macOS on Windows PC

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Sorry, is this supposed to be a joke?

This is not a joke. You can certainly install a macOS guest on Windows host.

Not only is this clearly considered piracy according to Apples Mac OS EULA, but you are also ~4 years late, as installing Mac OS on VirtualBox has been possible since ~2016…

Not just that, but this has no relevance with the community at all too. Advertising is okay to some extent, but this is not a place to spam with totally unrelated content.

I am not sure which of my two statements you are referring to as “not true”:

  1. Installing Mac OS as a VirtualBox guest on a non-Mac host (as suggested by the thread “Install macOS on Windows PC”) being illegal (against the EULA)
  2. the OP being late since installing Mac OS on VirtualBox has been possible since 2016

I am assuming you refer to statement 1.
There is a difference between what is technically possible and what is legally possible/allowed.
I never did say that it might not be technically possible. Only that it is not legally possible.

Read the Mac OS EULA (e.g. for Mojave) under “2. Permitted License Uses and Restrictions.” section “J. Other Use Restrictions.” it says:

The grants set forth in this License do not permit you to, and you agree not to, install, use or run the Apple Software on any non-Apple-branded computer, […]

I’m still new to this moderator role. I agreed that the original post was dubious and went along with marking it as “spam”. But all that seems to have happened as a consequence is that the first post is now printed with a half-toned font? I have to admit that since there are no actual links in that post, calling it “spam” a little iffy: usually spam has links to products being sold, or URLs as a way to gin up search ranking.

Well maybe it’s appropriate to have it half-toned, and this is better than just ‘disappearing’ the thread outright? It alerts readers that there is controversial/dubious material in the post. I’m pretty sure we (JGO) don’t want to endorse doing anything that is illegal. I am open to suggestions as to other ways to handle this.

Finding a way to test Java programs for playability on Macs, exploring options besides purchasing a Mac, seems to me to be a reasonable question. But the use of VirtualBox isn’t really a viable path, due to legal considerations. AFAIK, the technical know-how required to rig up some sort of VM to emulate is pretty high as well, and the results do not necessarily include all aspects, e.g., audio.

I actually didn’t know about the eula. I’ve seen vagranti mages with macos (shell only) - these must have been illegal too then.