Easy shrink method

Groboclown, I try your packing scripts ant at last it work :wink:

After reading the readme and installing ant, I have to:

  • use “resources/global.properties” to create a local.properties (Mandatory for the setting of “default.jdk-dir”, i.e. “C:/Program Files/jdk1.7” no /bin !)
  • change proguard version (I use jdk 1.7 and I solve some error using proguard 4.8)
  • update ant-include.xml (add source="@{jdk-target}" at line 115, in javac-4k macrodef) to avoid javac warning.

Hope this help other users.

With Kzip, DeflOpt and yguard I reduce my archive size by 200 Bytes (compared to my manual processing using proguard and pack200)!

That worked, and it is even smaller. However. Does that mean my pack.gz file will work at the 4K website?
Thank you very much, I am relieved a bit 8)

Kronos, did you try this html code on a webserver to test your game.pack.gz file ? Your html page and your game.pack.gz must be into the same directory.

If you did and that it failed, you should consider giving us the URL to your webserver…

To get an pack200 compressed jar working, you need a pack200 aware webserver.

Some idiot at Sun didn’t think this through.

Thanks for the information, Riven. I had really no idea of this problem.

And Kronos, maybe it’s time for you to submit your game at the www.java4k.com site.

Why? Isn’t 28.02. the last day to submit?

I still have to put some extra flavour in the game :smiley:

the Java4K webserver is pack200 aware, and therefore can be used to verify your pack200ed applet actually works.

Didn’t you already have mine? If not it must have been someone else who was putting together a collection of resources from across the years.

Nope, I missed that one. Although, over these years I’ve only kept a limited amount of the code posted up here. Most of it is either refinements of other code, or one-off snippets, but it would be interesting to see it all together in one place… Hm…