Display our names - not usernames

I realized that in the social rankings, and also in the resources page we are all listed according to our usernames. I know I might be the only one here that ever had a change, so I might be only one affected. :frowning:

I’m listed as “Masochist” on those pages (and all the stats and whatnot), and I’m not entirely happy about that, since that’s my username - not the name everyone in here knows be by.

If this is really a 99% unaffected-case, I would appriciate getting my username changed so they match. Being known under “Masochist” is just way odd :stuck_out_tongue:

Modifying your username invalidates your password. You should check your inbox.

I still demand a way to change our display name…

Indeed! My username is changed - thank you very much :slight_smile:

Not going to happen. If everybody changes their name, nobody will know who’s talking. Back in the day we had 8 ‘banhammers’, about 4-6 changed their username, because they could.

I understand it’s very tempting, but this is your online identity and just like your RL identity, it’s not easily changed.

(I take bribes)

Do you have anything in mind? :wink:

Full-quoting the previous message typically pisses me off (people, this is not email!) so your chances are pretty much ruined :-*

I’ll stop that! ;D

I understand, but it really applies to here JGO only. It’ll be nice if you can still change your display name but limited, says, 2-3 times per account.

I am with riven on this. If it is a really big deal to you, I am sure that if you ask really nice it could happen :wink: but only once.

When you join a group/forum/game or anything where the identity you are presenting is somewhat important, don’t pick names like StumpyStrust. Use your real name or something. Not too hard.

I miss having Demonpants around! :emo: (@Riven, change his name back! ;D )