Best PC for a Gaming

I am looking to create a new system for gaming. I have purchased a Core i7 Processor with 8 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD.

I am just confused about the Graphic card. I am planning to buy EVGA 04G-P4-2982-KR ( { I am not sure if it is good for gaming or if I should buy a NVIDIA

8gb of RAM is a little low nowadays, you would probably find 16gb better for gaming.

If you are looking to play new modern games, keep in mind that 512gb would probably install maybe 3 AAA games on it.

The GPU you mentioned is an NVIDIA graphics card. EVGA have just put their branding on it, gave it a new cooler and made some tweaks like making it slightly faster.

However, the GPU you listed is a NVIDIA GTX 980, an 8 year old graphics card. I would not recommend buying a brand new GTX 980, looks like websites are wanting $500 for a new GTX 980. a GTX 980 is not worth anywhere near $500, I would be saying more like $100.

You could instead buy a GTX 3070 card that goes between $529 and $650. This would be like 2-3 times faster then a GTX 980 (the card you linked). If a GTX 3070 is getting out of your price range, a GTX 3060 is a little cheaper (~$450), and way better then a GTX 980 still.

I would suggest you spend more time looking into computer parts what is new and what the current model is and comparing prices and performance.