Applet FAQ

You might want to stop disagreeing about stuff you have no experience with whatsoever?

When working with applets, and actually caring about your users, Swing is so darn incompatible and broken among versions, that all that remains is AWT.

whats your deal?

anyways… the reason I said quite is because JApplet can do anything that applet can do…

and why do you assume I dont have any experience, do you stalk me?

I maybe shouldn’t but here we go:

Isn’t this a clear indication that JApplet has problems?

I even explained it to you:

Still you seem quite confident that ‘JApplet is just Applet with added functionality’, while clearly the Sun/reference implementation is totally different, hence why both I and DzzD mentioned how broken JApplet is among Swing versions.

And no, I’m not stalking you, you simply should not ‘disagree’ without providing any backing, just for the sake of it.

from the javadoc

[quote]The JApplet class is slightly incompatible with java.applet.Applet. JApplet contains a JRootPane as it’s only child. The contentPane should be the parent of any children of the JApplet. This is different than java.applet.Applet, e.g. to add a child to an an java.applet.Applet you’d write etc…
source here

no, I didnt disagree for the sake of it… and yes, I did have backing up. I said it is extending, and u can argue with that, but you would be WRONG.

That’s right, you have to consider those who will be using whatever it is you’re developing.

As for Swing, application debugging can be difficult because of the toolkit’s visual nature.